Nurse for IV (Intravenous) Injections at Home in Islamabad 03366057620

Nursing care is not just restricted during hospital stay may continue  even a patient discharged from hospital.Pkmedics home patient care services provide male & female Nurses for iv injections at home in rawalpindi.We also provide expert nurses for IV, IM,SC injection therapy,IV drips IV Infusions according to your doctor’s advice,at the comfort of your own home. IV (Intravenous) injection treatment at home  is a way of treatment for a patient in which your patient received injection therapy at home without going to the  hospital or a clinic. Pkmedics home nursing services provide an expert nurse at your single call.Antibiotic Injections therapy at home helps you to deal with a situation like post Operation(surgery) care,to cure different infections. In Postoperative cases and other several infections doctor’s prescribed antibiotics and other injections are important to administer.

Why do you need IV (intravenous) Injections therapy at home?

Mostly in  postoperative cases,respiratory diseases,bone diseases,typhoid,Gastrointestinal diseases and cancer,patients are discharged from hospitals with continued treatment of IV injections.
In cancer patients need anti nausea & vomiting injections during chemotherapy.

Why do you need to hire a nurse for IV Intravenous injections,IM (Intramuscular) injections at home?

Nurses are healthcare professionals. They are trained to deal with all kind and all ages of patients.their touch of empathy along with care help to soon recovery of  the patient especially in elderly patients.It will the patients to avoid unnecessary hospitalization, visits and even hospitalization due to post-surgery infections.Post-surgery care requirement differ from case to case depending upon which surgery has been done. However, besides wound dressing and pain management.A nurse also watches out for certain problems during Iv Injections therapy. There a Nurse can manage in case of skin rash,vomiting,nausea and other problems.
Some time cannula displaced and fluid may go to tissue around the vein.nurse observe any swelling of the vein that causes a blood clot.If any  blood vessel blocked by a bubble of air, bubbles can travel to the heart or lungs and getting negligent may lead to heart or breathing problems.Any other critical reaction or allergy of medicines is also an issue that can be manage by a professional nurse.

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