Patient Attendant / Caregiver Services At Home

Patient Attendant/Caregiver Services At Home

Patient Attendants or Caregiver are ones who can provide medical assistance to patients and elders at the confort of their own home. Our attendant at home is quite an affordable option and we assist our patients and elders in their daily needs and requirement in the comfort of their own home. Our patient attendant are responsible and experienced in taking care of patient’s and elders day-to-day work including the physical, mental and social activities. Whether it’s personal hygiene, mobilization, bathing, feeding or involving patient into some activities for mental care, caregivers help them with everything!
Many of our Patient Attendant/Caregiver are qualified and experienced to take care of the patients alone. We provide more than just basic care. Sometimes, you do not need a qualified  nurse always for patient’s medical care. Attendants can very well provide the second level of care, compromising not-so-critical nursing procedures to the patients and that too at a reduced cost.
We work closely with you to understand the health care needs of your loved one and accordingly arrange compassionate attendants for your loved one’s for day to day care. Not only this you can get a variety of support along with the attendant at your home including doctor visits, nursing visits, physio visits, medical equipment and tests at home.
Book an appointment now with us for a free consultation, if you are looking for the best home care patient services for your patient or elderly.

What will do Patient Attendant/Caregiver at Home?

   Patient attendant/Caregiver will do following tasks at home 
  •  Patient’s Personal care such as bathing, toileting, shaving,dressing and grooming
  • Maintain their Hygienic Conditions
  • Monitor Vital signs and other signs 
  • Administering Oral medications according to Doctor’s advice
  • Assist for exercise and body massage
  • Transfer & lifting techniques from bed to wheelchair
  • Mobilization  for outings 
  • Assist in visiting to doctor.
  • Helping in feeding the patient
  • Bed making, room making
  • Provides companionship in a positive way
  • Accompanying them to attend social events and parties.
  • Providing communication assistance
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